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SILENT CARNIVAL - Somewhere CD [ltd.300]

by Silent Carnival

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"Somewhere" CD

label: Backwards

Details: EDITION: ltd.300 copies on cd / digisleeve

We are proud to present the new SILENT CARNIVAL album available on vinyl and compact disc as on digital format as well.
Somewhere is the third album from Silent Carnival, the sonic creature that Marco Giambrone raised since 2012. Production, recordings and mixing was managed by Giambrone himself. Recorded between January and February 2018 in the home-studio based in Cammarata (Sicily), “Somewhere” confirms band members and constant collaborators Alfonso De Marco, Caterina Fede and Andrea Serrapiglio adding new musicians like Stefano De Ponti, Luca Andriolo and Luca Serrapiglio.
This is an album about visions, dreams and premonitions with many different vibes, widening the colour palette than in the past. Less drones and more acoustic instruments to dress a songwriting free from fences of music genre. A changing sound, like the “Calvary” procession that combines the sicilian Easter’s lamentations with the pagan vibes of unknown worlds. The confessions without absolution of “Innocence” and the desert in the backyard of “Somewhere” only confirm the intimate and at the same time merciless attitude of this album.
CD released in an elegant ecopack.

Already an active member of Sicilian bands Marlowe and Nazarin, in 2012 photographer, painter and musician Marco Giambrone started his own project “Silent Carnival”: a journey where drones, songwriting, fragile melodies, noise and silence combine and collide with one another in an intimate and sparse sonic landscape. After a mini-tour along with Carla Bozulich and John Eichenseer, in which some of the new songs were premiered, by August 2013 Silent Carnival recorded its self-titled debut, then released in October 2014 via Viceversa Records and Old Bicycle Records. In addition to band members and constant collaborators Alfonso De Marco (Marlowe) on percussion and Caterina Fede on organ/synth, the recording sessions were also joined by multi-instrumentalist John Eichenseer, (Evangelista, John Zorn, Spool), jazz musician Gianni Gebbia (sax) and cellist Andrea Serrapiglio (Evangelista). SC has since toured Europe, sharing the stage with Carla Bozulich, Amen Dunes, Alasdair Roberts, Opal Onyx among others. In August 2015 SC went back to the recording studio for its sophomore album, “Drowning At Low Tide”. It is a collection of bleeding songs about hate, love of revenge and frustration, all mixed together within a disturbed yet minimal dark-folk atmosphere. Once again, SC has recruited many friends contributing to the recordings, including Carla Bozulich (vocals on “Flood”), John Eichenseer (viola on “Sick”), Matteo Uggeri and Andrea Serrapiglio. The album was released October 2016 via Viceversa Records. Meanwhile in February 2016 Old Bicycle Records and Fratto 9 released a split tape shared with Italian band Sneers.