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CLARA ENGEL - Tender LP [ltd.50 Red Vinyl]

by Clara Engel

18.00 / Sold Out

"Tender" LP

label: Backwards


A1 . O My Love Is A Hurricane
A2 . Illuminate Me
A3 . White Elephant
A4 . I Wear Your Coat
B1 . Opium Song
B2 . Why For An Hour
B3 . How Many Horses (Til The End Of The World)
B4 . Do You Know How It Is?

Backwards is proud to present the new album by Clara Engel, the Canadian musician with the warm and dreamy voice, also known for the intimate and melancholy character of her compositions, heartfelt and passionate. "Tender" is a sort of manifesto of Clara's way to conceive music: her songwriting is intense and fraught with emotions of the broadest range; her melting lyrics bring us back to the "poetry in music" by artists as Jacques Brel or contemporary balladeer Antony Hegarty. Listening to the eight tracks of "Tender", you have the impression that the only voice of Clara is enough to declaim her inner world: the arrangements, deliberately meager and never baroque, they just represent an added value, a "white outfit" equally suggestive of her compositional, artistic and vocal skills. Moving from visionary atmospheres à la David Lynch to raging blues of the Mississipi Delta, till gloomy sceneries that seem to come from Nick Cave's pen, Clara can combine Chrissie Hynde, Howlin' Wolf and Diamanda Galas into a single artistic creature.
Backwards released this record in a limited edition of 300 copies with insert. First 50 copies are in coloured vinyl. The remaining 250 copies are in standard black wax.